Predictions 2012: The Roundup

(image) As promised, here are all my predictions in one place. I’ve written a brief overview of each as well.

Predictions 2012: #1 – On Twitter and Media

Twitter will become a force as a media company, not just a platform for others’ media. To do so, it will improve its #Discover feature and roll out something like Flipboard.

Predictions 2012: #2 – Twitter As Free Radical, Swiss Bank, Arms Merchant…And Google Five Years Ago

Every major player on the Internet will have to do a deal with Twitter, and Twitter will emerge as a Swiss like, open, neutral player in the battle for the consumer web.

Predictions 2012 #3: The Facebook Ad Network

Facebook will launch a web-wide competitor to AdSense. I’m already worried they’ll do it in early 2013 and make a fool of me….

Predictions 2012 #4: Google’s Challenging Year

Despite doing well overall, Google will fumble one big play this year. As I say in the post, it’s how they recover that matters.

Predictions 2012 #5: A Big Year for M&A

2012 may well be the biggest year of all for Internet M&A. Expect some really big deals, and a ton of small ones this year.

Predictions 2012 #6: “The Corporation” Becomes A Central Societal Question Mark

We’ll all start to question what role the corporation plays in our society and culture. It’s time for this dialog.

Predictions 2012 #7: Shooting From The Hip

In which I cover ten or so other rapid fire predictions, like Facebook making a billion-dollar acquisition, Xbox/Kinnect taking off on the web, Android coming to heel, and more.


18 thoughts on “Predictions 2012: The Roundup”

  1. Love this stuff!

    Regarding number 6… I find myself in an interesting position since I’m striving to create something of a hybrid structure myself in connection with my own endeavor… a profit making structure well able to attract VC interest yet with some plan for viable transition to some form of user ownership and governance. Pragmatism must always be the guide and change is needed.

    On that note, I’m  happy to announce the addition of Douglas Rushkoff as advisor and advocate for the Chagora enterprise

    My hopeful prediction is that the importance of the catalyzation of the donor network will come to be more clearly seen in the coming year.

    Catalyze Humanity’s Network… 

  2. I hope #6 becomes a reality. There are some models for this, especially in the lower middle market space, most of them family-owned businesses that truly live out a set of values. Once a PEG (private equity firm) snaps them up, the culture changes.

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