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Apple To Kill Ping, Add Facebook

By - June 12, 2012

(image) I know you all know that Apple has cut a deal to integrate Facebook, because of the relentless coverage of Apple’s developer conference this week. However, I just saw this story from ATD:

Apple’s Ping to End With a Thud in Next Release of iTunes

And thought to myself – “Hey, didn’t I predict that a while back?”

Every year I write predictions, and every July 1 or so, I see how I’ve been doing. So I went back to my 2012 predictions, and nope, it wasn’t there. Ah, time flies….it was in 2011 that I wrote, as Prediction #6:

Apple will attempt to get better at social networking, fail, and cut a deal with Facebook.

 I was only off by six months! My half-year “how’m I doing?” post will be out soon….
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4 thoughts on “Apple To Kill Ping, Add Facebook

  1. Zoe Sexton says:

    Patience is the virtue of those who forecast! I’m looking forward to all the new social media apps that can re-coop some of the meaning we started with.

  2. Michael Holloway says:

    Over enough time though… . No. Really, nice – you nailed it. How?

  3. I don’t think so, Apple believes on themselves. They don’t care what others do. 

  4. Although
    Apple is very populair with people I figure Google Android will be the true
    future of smartphones. In the end the big Google machine will run down the
    Apple competitor in the end.