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John Battelle speaks during a Bloomberg West Television interview in San Francisco, California, U.S. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

John Battelle is an entrepreneur, journalist, investor, and author who has founded or co-founded scores of media, tech, conference, and other businesses. They include:

Wired Magazine and its spinoffs, including HotWired, the first commercial website to run banner ads.

The Industry Standard – An integrated weekly magazine, research, online, and conference business that set records for advertising pages sold in a single year. It didn’t end well.

The Web 2 Conferences Founded in 2003 with partner Tim O’Reilly and later TechWeb, this “grandfather of all Internet conferences” is one of my proudest editorial works. I decided to stop doing it after 2011, started NewCo shortly thereafter.

That Book I Heard He Wrote (The Search) Chronicling not just the history of Google, but the forces that gathered to make Google possible.

Federated Media Publishing Founded in 2005 based on the insight that a new form of media was emerging that needed a new economic and technological platform. Sold in early 2014 to LIN Media, spun out sovrn Holdings at the same time.

NewCo (formerly OpenCo) A new kind of event/media platform launched in 2013, now owned by Vision7.

The Recount. A new approach to news in the world of post-linear streaming and social media. Co-founder and current CEO.

Board seats: Chair, sovrn Holdings. Director, Recount Media. Director, LiveRamp. Advisory Board, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.


Consulting Has to be the right client.



Etc. Father of three. Drums (R&B), mountain biking, yoga, whiteboarding with friends, taking pictures, cursing at closed systems.

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  1. May 8 2929
    Hi John.
    The threat to our democracy is greater than it has ever been. DJT will steal election by closing USPS for just a few days in late Oct. Please see my May 4, five-thread tweet- @BWDnow.
    Please forward to John Heilemann.
    Thank you.
    Bart W Daly
    Punta Gorda FL

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