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Grow Up?!

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Indeed, grow up. But how? Why assume the only way to get paid is to charge directly? Why not assume a creator can be paid by inviting in companies who are willing to pay the freight so an audience or community can have the experience in the first place? And how can one claim that an honest marketer, who wants to underwrite an extraordinary voice, is somehow not helping to create the experience, a patron of sorts, by its economic support allowing a creator to connect with his or her audience?

It’s immature, indeed, to assume there is only one way to get a creator paid. I can’t agree more with what Jaron writes in this Times Op Ed: “We could design information systems so that people can pay for content — so that anyone has the chance of becoming a widely read author and yet can also be paid. Information could be universally accessible but on an affordable instead of an absolutely free basis.”

Darn right we can. And if I, or we, choose to make our content affordable by letting the right sponsors pay for it, sponsors who respect, value, and wish to support that content, how on earth is that model somehow presumably corrupt?

We’re not all the way there yet, and many mistakes remain to be made. But there is no one correct model. I’ve argued previously that we must take the friction out of paying directly for content. And there are really only a few players who can do that. Amazon is trying now with Kindle. But honestly, there are really only three players who have what you really need to make such a model happen. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. What do they have?

Come on, you know the answer…

And even were Yahoo or Google to execute what I suggested back some 3300 or so posts ago, it will never obviate the idea of free content and communities sponsored by commercial interests. Why? Because we are all involved in commercial pursuits – it’s part of our culture. Having a conversation with those pursuits in ways that feed all parties, well, that’s what a (healthy) economy is all about.

Welcome to the conversation economy, Jaron!

I Urge Scrutiny!

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Two US Senators yesterday urged the FTC to give Google’s Doubleclick deal “serious scrutiny.” While I imagine that’s already been done, it’s interesting to see the letter sent.

Alibaba Says: Me Too!

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Everyone wants into the ad platform game, and as we all know, China is often a bit late to the party. But the first latecomer is nearly always Alibaba, and this time is no exception. The company today launched Alimama, an ad exchange.

Doerr Interview Up

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Many of you asked that my interview of John Doerr from Web be posted, and I’m pleased to say it’s up. (John is a Google board member but we spoke of far more than that, including how venture might save the planet). He was a great end cap to the event, and his message(s) really struck home with the audience. Hope you enjoy it.

FM and BabyCenter Partner

By - November 19, 2007

One of the many reasons I’ve been a bit behind in posting is this news. I’m very proud of this new partnership.

Catchin' Up

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A Monday morning catch up, given I was offline a lot last week:

More details on Jimmy Wales’ search play, and a rumor about it looking a lot like social networking.

Facebook rumored to be making its first major M&A play, in China. (TC) But wait…it was just a rumor. I still am curious how FB makes acquisitions with anything but cash, given that massive valuation from Microsoft. Will it close another few hundred million so it has a real cash war chest, I wonder?

TC also wonders about a new approach to magazines from Google, based on a recent patent.

Google loses another early employee, Gokul Rajaram. (SEL)

Amazon introduces the Kindle. I’m not sure about this. I’ll grok it as it comes into the world naturally. That is to say, I don’t plan on buying it, but if folks I respect keep telling me how wonderful it is, I will.

Google Flickr-izes its index. Er, Picaserizes.

Rumors, more rumors, this one that Google wants Skype.

Obama got game when it comes to Net related policy.

…more when I get a minute. Which recently is never.

The WSJ to Join the Conversation

By - November 14, 2007

Mike pinged me yesterday to note that perhaps someone was listening over at the new Dow Jones – the walls are coming down from the biggest paid site, (AP report), and the Journal is integrating paid links into Digg, a smart move. My book rant on “The Point to Economy,” a major meme in my ongoing research on the Conversation Economy, is here.