Facebook’s Pretty Bad, No, Terrible Awful Game Changing Year

I don’t usually do this, but as I graded my annual predictions for the year, I ended up creating a pretty dense, link-filled syllabus of Facebook’s terrible 2021. I thought it deserved its own entry in the database of intentions, so herewith I present to you the full accounting of my 2021 prediction on the company: Facebook’s chickens come home to roost…2021 will be a dismal year for Facebook.

Oh my, was it ever. Facebook’s year was so terrible, the company decided to change its name as a result. Because I took notes all year, here’s a brief review of Facebook’s 2021:

I’ve left off dozens of ugly narratives while compiling this list – and admittedly, I’ve also left off a fair number of pro-Facebook responses  as well.  But overall, I think this particular prediction was pretty spot on. Let’s call it a win and move on…

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