Google Does Its Tenth Annual Zeitgeist

Ten years ago, Google’s first Zeitgeist inspired my first book (The Search). Here are some highlights from the tenth annual edition. Props to Google for going deeper than most year end lists with its data. Now…open source the damn data, folks!!!



5 thoughts on “Google Does Its Tenth Annual Zeitgeist”

  1. Have you backed away for a moment and looked at your site recently?  Its a mess of promotions and Ads. It used to be simple, good content I regularly went for. Now the content is reduced in quality (have you stopped dancing with those that brought you to the dance) presumably because you are focused on your book at the expense of your blog. AND… there is much too much visual monetization noise. Best luck to you. 

    1. Michael, I’ve not changed the mix of ads in years. Hmmm.
      I am sad about how little I write and hope that changes soon.

      1. Last time I visited your site, there were all sorts of flashing animated ads on your site that kept grabbing my eye away from the text. Maybe that’s what made me think something had changed. Maybe you ought to define a no-animations rule?

  2. Cool site.  I worked in SEO a few years ago and its interesting to see how much things have changed since then.  I just created a website . the idea is to increase the amount of charitable acts of kindness online by doing a big stunt (riding a wooden tiger off a huge ramp) and it will be powered by bottle rockets.  Every digital good deed submitted gets one bottle rocket added to the tiger.  Any suggestions on how to get the site to take off?  Its just a side project but id like it to do well.  ps i think Michael is dumb, your site is cool.  best of luck with your book and Merry Christmas.

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