3 thoughts on “Fire Eagle”

  1. the location information is shared with third parties.
    If user deletes his/her location information in yahoo servers, is it also deleted in third party servers? NO.
    Users have to ask every third party to delete their Geo data. anyways, asusual “Money making” machines never worried..

  2. Y! sent me an invite yesterday. Its a really nice website and well implemented. I updated my location once… but then, I’ve not really a need for it at the minute – its not like it’s incorporated into any other services and there’s no interface (that i noticed) on Fire Eagle for checking your friends location.

    Whilst I am looking forward to the mobile version of the site, or a method of updating your status via SMS message, I don’t think I’m too keen on letting people know when my property is unguarded and my valuables ripe for the taking – since I’m not home.

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