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Google Gamed the 700 Mhz Auction? No!

By - April 16, 2008

Republican lawmakers are crying foul:

Google Inc. manipulated a U.S. government spectrum auction by bidding just enough to trigger rules that will open a nationwide set of airwaves to any device and then walking away, Republican lawmakers said.

The so-called open-access requirements, also backed by consumer groups, may have shortchanged taxpayers by discouraging more companies from bidding, Representative Fred Upton, a Michigan Republican, said today at a hearing.

“Google was successful in gaming the system,” Upton said. The rules were a “social engineering” experiment by the Federal Communications Commission that prevented the spectrum swath, known as the C-block, from raising billions of dollars more, he said.

But they should not be surprised, this was Google’s stated intent all along.

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I Got My Copy (I'm Guessing It Won't Be Around For Long)

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SEW points to the Googolopoly.pdf on (an unabashed link bait ploy, I’m biting). The game pokes fun at Google’s market share, as well as the current fate of the MSFTs, AOLs, and Yahoos of the world. It’s actually well done. But, it’s only a matter of time before Hasbro sues these guys, which I am guessing is exactly what they want. (After all, Hasbro is going after Scrabulous…)

Back. Nice Week to Take Off

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So I missed a week of the Ring Cycle between Yahoo, MSFT, AOL, Newscorp, and Google. Wow. Somehow I think I’ll survive. Things I found interesting last week:

Yahoo crowing about an unbuilt platform and launches flickr video. Not sure this would have been the tack had the Ring not been Cycling. But it does strengthen their case about staying independent. Latest roundup from the NYT here.

I read about this story while in Europe. EU wants to slash search data retention period to six months

Google Apps – oops.

Fred on a new path to liquidity.

Rich on new crawlers in a brave new world.

The Journal on Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook.

I find this move by Google highly laudable: Google Comissioned To Monitor Illegal Amazonian Deforestation

He Wrote 200,000 Books (but Computers Did Some of the Work)

Google Now Fills Out Forms & Crawls Results