2 thoughts on “Mo Money for Cuill”

  1. From the link above: Cuill has assembled a premier team of search experts from Google, IBM, eBay, AltaVista, Xerox PARC, the Internet Archive and Stanford University.

    Are these all different people that have worked at these different places? Or are they reporting the same person more than once?

    I am reminded, for example, of an interview that John did with Louis Monier in June of 2005 (http://battellemedia.com/archives/001653.php).

    Louis is now at Cuill. And in the past he was at Altavista, Google, eBay and PARC, correct? So are those four references all about him? Or are there other people at Cuill that are also from Google, eBay, and PARC?

    Actually, now that I think about it, I am getting really curious about something. In that aforementioned 2005 interview, John asked:

    What might you be doing at Google? Will you be working on ecommerce?

    And Louis responded:

    The agenda is “Whatever I want”, which is really attractive. I honestly don’t know because I need to check what is going on, all the projects, the strategy, and the infrastructure. I have been working on search for e-commerce for several years now, so a change would be welcome.

    So he stayed at Google for two years, with the chance to work on whatever he wanted. And in the end decided to leave for Cuill, a company that is (quoting from Cuill’s own web page) a “technology start-up pioneering a new approach to search..[snip]..to provide users with a better search experience.

    I would be very interested in a follow-up interview, as to why, with the ability to work on whatever he wanted, Louis did not choose Google as a place to implement this pioneering new approach to search, providing users with a better search experience.

    John, any chance of doing some “where are they now” interviews?

  2. There’s an old joke that if you visit Berlin, you should go to a souvenir shop to buy a bottle of “Berliner Luft”.

    Seems like a hot tip to me — be sure to pick some up next time you visit!

    ;D nmw

    ps/BTW: cuill is a cool domain name — but I wonder how many times do they have to explain the spelling over the phone (might not matter, though — seems like they’ve got they’re telephone bills covered 😉

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