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On the Road Again

By - September 24, 2007

I’ll be on the road all day. Lots of news but will have to round it up later…

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CM Summit Videos

By - September 23, 2007


If you’re interested in that conference FM hosted earlier this month, the first batch of videos are up. Some are quite long, and take a while to load in flash, but once they do, they play smoothly. My favorites:

The Opening (yeah, it’s me, but I frame what I mean by all this, if that interests you.)

Scott Cook (very thoughtful)

Steve Hayden sets up the day

More will be up as time permits, so check back if you’re interested.

Google's Plan to Out Facebook Facebook

By - September 22, 2007

Mike has a big scoop on Google’s plan to respond to Facebook.

In the long run, Google seems to be planning to add a social layer on top of the entire suite of Google services, with Orkut as their initial main source of social graph information and, as I said above, possibly adding third party networks to the back end as well. Social networks would have little choice but to participate to get additional distribution and attention.

This sounds powerful, but as Danny Sullivan points out in the comments, Google is not there yet. Worth the entire read.

Dem GoogleNets

By - September 21, 2007


(image) Om Malik is at his best writing about infrastructure and why it matters. Check this out:

In order to build this leviathan enterprise, Google will have to continue to build its back-end systems at a rapid clip, but more importantly, it will also have to keep investing a copious of money to control the oxygen of the New Net Economy: bandwidth….

….The latest news from the telecom world is that Google is now looking to get into the transoceanic cable business. Transoceanic cables sit at the bottom of the sea, using capacities that run into the terabits per second to connect countries around the world.

This is also being reported at D.

Oh My: Hittail Shows Me A, er, Killer Search Refer

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The Hittail ads are back up on Searchblog. I’m fascinated by them. What I like is that I can check the ad up top to see what folks are typing into search engines that leads them to this site. Then today I saw that someone came to my site by typing “How to kill your wife” into Google. Searchblog is #4 due to a post I did about a fellow who was busted thanks to his search history.

And now I’ve probably made it worse!

New Live Search Features Rolling Out

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Earlier this year Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised a bunch of innovation in search, and it looks like some of that is starting to roll out, in advance of Microsoft’s “Searchification” event next week. More at Liveside….

Update, looks like Liveside got some early stuff that was then pulled, so the screen shots are only at Liveside. In the spirit of spreading the love, here are the shots, after, and before results:

Livesearch2Canon Thumb

Livesearcholdcanon Thumb

People Search

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I’ve never been happy with people search engines. They just are not deep enough, and if they were, I supposed I’d be unhappy for another reason – our society is not ready for that level of access/transparency. In any case, Web Worker Daily seems to agree that most people search engines are, well, not so great. They put a bunch through some testing here.

KK on Ads

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My pal Kevin’s been thinking out loud about publisher driven / sell side advertising. Worth the read for sure!

Google and Being Social

By - September 20, 2007

A note to myself that this is worth digging into: Google Shared Stuff. I can’t wait to write more about the impact Facebook and the impending issues of opening up the social graph will have on both Google and the world writ large.