4 thoughts on “Dog Bites Man”

  1. It would be great if this blog could make its Web Traffic Statistics Public.

    Why do some blogs still feel the need to hide them.

    There is no reason not to share the details of how people are finding this blog and the amount of traffic it gets.

    Part of the nature of Web 2.0 is openness.

  2. Looking in the View Source:The blog uses Statcounter


    Just log in to the statcounter account and go to the control panel and change the TYPE to visible and select an icon

    Also Sitemeter is another Great Option


    It is fun comparing the stats for the most popular ones on technorati

  3. Search Engines WEB:

    When you say “most popular” (on technorati), do you mean “most linked to” or “most favorited”? And are the traffic stats available via technorati.com (and if so, how)? I’m guessing that you mean I would have to visit each site on either of those lists and check whether they post traffic stats and if so, what they are — and in THAT way begin to compare them(?)….

    This is an amusing tack on this “story”. The article linked to (if I recall correctly) maintains that Google ads might be the “mainstay” if a significant economic downturn were to occur. I see no substantiation for this hypothesis, and you (indirectly/implicitly) raise the question of whether “conversational” ads might not be even a better bet than “traditional” (one-size, fits-all) ppc ads (note, however, that some people STILL include these “prepackaged” / “one-size, fits-all” ads on their pages — so the comparison is indeed quite involved and/or difficult to carry out).

    This is indeed an interesting question (though I’m not really even just 50% sure that I’m “reading” you correctly). I DO make a more/less “reasonable” guess about the type of information I might recieve when I type in battellemedia.com — not so with google.com. And there are various shades of grey in between. What do I expect to see when I type in hotels.com or movies.com? Or hotels.net or movies.org? What is the likelihood that a grade-schooler will “search” for movies? youtube? And will youtube survive a CRASH? (movies.com has been around for a while already)….

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