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Ants and Dophins Aid Search

By - December 10, 2006


Gary has the scoop on two approaches that take their cue from ant and dolphin behavior. Press release fodder or breakthrough? You be the judge.

"I don’t know if Live is the right name"

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Bio Berkowitz 4

…That’s new MSN chief Steve Berkowitz, late of, in a revealing NYT profile by Saul Hansell. In it Steve acknowledges that Microsoft has lost its way in search and other online services, that the Live brand is confusing, that his job is made more difficult by Ray Ozzie’s famous memo, and much more. It’s worth the time.

The Best Search Blogs

By - December 09, 2006

Hey, here’s an award for the best blogs on search! Nominations are now open! Er….hint, hint.

November Search Flux

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Trailing the web search market, Compete has a monthly update showing that Google regained ground from October, up 3.5 points, to a high of 66%. While Yahoo lost share, 3.6 points, to fall under 21%. Meanwhile, Ask maintained recently elevated levels, closing at 4.8%.

Jeremy Crane has the Compete post, with an amusing introduction.Picture 2-28

Your Help: Comment Posting

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Hey Searchbloggers:

Some of our most avid readers are having problems with the “human detector” on Searchblog, and can’t post comments. In fact, I can’t post myself! I’d like to get to the bottom of this, so can you guys help? Can you try to post a comment on this post, and if it works, great, we’ll see that. If it does not, can you send me an email (jbat @ battellemedia dot com) with your OS, browser type, and the comment body text? I’d be very grateful. The “human detector” is doing a great job stopping spam, but lately, it seems to be doing a poor job at detecting humans. Thanks!

Update: Thanks for all your help. I think I may have figured this out, or at least, we’re closer. Seems that if a commentor posts a comment with three or more URLs, his or her comment is automatically labeled “junk” – and that kicks in all sorts of other complications. Have to pry apart the various throttling technologies like Akismet from the human detector, but for now, I think that’s the main issue. If you post a comment, please keep URLs to one or two, until I figure out how to fix it…thanks.

NYT On Decker: They Likey

By - December 07, 2006

Sue Decker

(Image cropped from the NYT) Susan Decker gets called out for praise in this NYT profile:

Throughout that challenging period [after the crash], Ms. Decker played a leading role in helping reset expectations on Wall Street and inside the company. She was also instrumental in helping recruit a management team that put the company on a path to renewed growth.

Those accomplishments earned her a healthy dose of credibility and loyalty, according to people inside and outside Yahoo….

..“It would be difficult to find a job for which she is not intellectually capable,” said Geoff Ralston, Yahoo’s former chief product officer, who left the company in April. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of challenges for her. But she is one of the clearest- thinking minds at Yahoo.”