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By - December 29, 2006

Save Searchblog roundups and a post or two from Melanie, and my predictions post, which I hope to do this weekend, Searchblog will be quiet over the next ten days, as I take a holiday. See you in the New Year!

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Google Blog Search Tops Technorati

By - December 28, 2006

Hitwise research reports that Google Blog Search passed Technorati in traffic for the first time last week. As a percentage of total US Internet Visit market share, Technorati moved to .0023%, and Google’s Blog Search to .0025%.

Google Blog Search has experienced massive growth since October, when a direct link to it was placed on Google News— to the detriment even of Blogger Blog Search, which slid from .0025% in October to .0019% last week.

Yahoo and Pageviews

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Google’s Matt Cutts explains what I thought was going on. Yahoo lost views due to Ajax.

Interview with AfterTV

By - December 27, 2006

Ever wonder how I ended up doing what I do? Andrew Keen got me to open up in this interview, if you’ve got the inclination. I enjoyed speaking with him. I did the interview a few months ago so some of the references and stats are a bit dated.

Set up is here.

Google Invests in Chinese P2P Video Company

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Om has the scoop from a Bloomberg report:

Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology, the Chinese P2P video software company has confirmed that Google will become an investor in the company, according to a Bloomberg news report.

Om had the original rumor, as well. search for Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology.

Update: Om notes the original story was reported by Katie Fehrenbacher.

Google's Video Ads

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Google continues to test approaches to video ads, AdWeek reports on the test which have been reported in the past. I was talking to someone today about Google and video ads. Besides tests like eepyBird and beet, Google is also buying inventory on some large, well known sites and reserving it for video, similar to the way they primed the pump by buying cheap banners and replacing them with AdSense back when that service launched. But so far, not many video ads are showing up, I am told by the site owners. I am sure that will/can change, but it strikes me it’s a very different sell to fill video inventory than two-minutes-and-your-done text ads via credit card signups. This area will surely make my list of predictions for 2007. Stay, er, tuned.

Reader Dr. Pete Writes:

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< ![CDATA[Reader Dr. Pete Writes: I’m reading too many comments that are calling this “human intelligence” and “wisdom of crowds” and contrasting that with Google. Isn’t algorithmically encapsulating the wisdom of crowds exactly what Google did?]]> Read More Read More

Google Inner Space

By - December 26, 2006


Imagine if you will that you are on a journey through time and space. A journey into your own mind, a ….wait. It’s not Friday, and it’s also not JAM (that’s Joints After Midnight) time yet. OK, then let’s think out loud for a second about Google Health. Inspired by an email exchange with Jacob Bastacky, a doctor who happens to have a child in the same school as mine and, more importantly, a doctor who has spent a fair time in front of an electron microscope, I present to you Google Inner Space, or, as it will be more mundanely known, (my totally unofficial version of) Google Health.

Just as you now can fly over earth like some vicarious Superman, so, with Google Inner Space (not Jacob’s favorite name, but I kinda like it), you can fly inside of the very molecules which surround you – nay, inside of *our* very molecules. Want to see a map of a cancerous prostrate? Want to surf through an aorta, or pump through an adrenal gland? With Google Inner Space, you can.

All is information. And that includes information about who we are at the atomic, molecular, cellular, and organic level. This information can and will be displayed to you. Then we can tag, share, mix, and rip it. At least, it’d be cool if we could. What do you think, Adam?