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Reading Byrne? Worth the Journey

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David Byrne

I’ve been a follower of David Byrne’s site for quite some time, but it took a recent weekend jaunt to Vegas with an old pal to jar me into re-reading his stuff. And check this out – his prognostications on the future of music search:

Soon enough a site will open that is like a Google search for music downloads — downloads that are not copy-protected but you still pay for. eMusic tracks have no copy protection, for example, but their catalogue is limited. Eventually a meta search will turn up the tracks you want, wherever they live, on whomever’s site. Consumers don’t care who they buy them from if the interface is easy and intuitive. Soon enough iTunes consumers will find they have reached the 5th authorized player on their tracks and the frustration will set in when they can’t listen to the music they paid for. They’ll start to look elsewhere.

Byrne is riffing on SpiralFrog, an ad-supported model for free (but rather DRM crippled) downloads of music. In general, I find his site refreshing and worth the journey.

Search, Search, Search….Mail

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Ma Mail 1

Remember the web’s killer app before search? Yeah, it was mail. I’ve been catching up on my reading this weekend, and noticed this fine review of Yahoo’s new mail app from the B2 blog. Worth reading, just to remind yourself how important mail is to the ongoing portal warfare we all love to watch….

Google NetPAC

By - September 16, 2006

Google starts a Political Action Committee, SFGate reports.

Google filed paperwork Thursday to register its political action committee, Google NetPAC, with the Federal Election Commission. The company intends to use the committee “to support candidates who promote an open and free Internet for our users,” according to Alan Davidson, Google’s Washington policy counsel.

Google Hosting Services?

By - September 15, 2006

With Base, Video, Mail, and other hosted services, it already feels like Google is in the hosting business, but Gary notes that Google has reserved Innaresting.

HitTail: An Interesting Service

By - September 14, 2006


Interesting news from a PR agency, Connors Communications. They’ve created HitTail, a service that “reveals in real-time the least utilized, most promising search terms hidden in the “long tail” of a Web site’s natural search results.” The short of it: It promises to teach you the words that might get your site better ranked in organic search, so you can use those words on your site. Is this a good thing? Well, nothing bad about having more information. But….something about it strikes me as…well…inorganic. I recall fondly how editors would respond to surveys we’d do telling them what to write about….What do you think?

Yahoo To Craigslist (Oh, and the Entire Newspaper Industry): List This!

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Yahoo is starting a classifieds listings business. Now that makes sense.

As local search, online classifieds, and Web business directories continue what seems to be an inevitable merger, Yahoo has planted a stake firmly at the crossroads. The firm announced today a new classifieds and listings division and the appointment of newspaper industry veteran, Hilary Schneider, to steer the U.S. unit.