The Week In Wine

In a previous post, I said I’d be posting pictures here, and it’s been a pretty good week in the world of wine. Two of particular note:


These guys have all sorts of varietals and regions. This 06 Pinot, Flax Vineyard from Williams Selyem was good, but not as good as others I’ve had from WS. So the next night, it was on to…

..happy stuff, the Truchard 07 Pinot. This was my first bottle, I stocked up, and I am glad I did.

I’ll be back with industry related writing soon, forgive this right turn into wine. I also plan to create an RSS feed for photos like this, and one that has them omitted…


6 thoughts on “The Week In Wine”

  1. John – I’m headed to Sonoma on Tuesday for a week for the first time. Beyond the two featured above, any other suggestions for wineries I should not miss?

  2. Don’t apologize — I mix wine and tech on my blog as well! 😉

    Thanks for Sonoma tips — will be useful for me too. 

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