Nearly 30 Years In Less Than an Hour

Pinch me: Last week I gave a “distinguished” lecture in Engineering at Berkeley. It was an honor to do so – I don’t really see myself as distinguished in any academic sense – and certainly not when it comes to engineering. (I do think my greying temples are starting to look distinguished, if I do say so….) Anyway, it was a lot of fun – in particular because my hosts asked me to spend a bit of time reviewing the past 30 or so years of my own work. Should you want to take a spin through the early days of Macweek, Wired (and HotWired), The Industry Standard, Web 2 Summit, my last book, the launch of and present adtech resurgence of FM, as well as the next book – well, here ya go. Bonus: I had a cold, so I was totally hopped up on Actifed.

7 thoughts on “Nearly 30 Years In Less Than an Hour”

    1. I was exactly that, a cub reporter, working under Dan Ruby and then Dan Farber. I know I interviewed you a couple of times…

      1. πŸ™‚ Sorry if I forgot your scrubbed clean face. I certainly DO remember those rooftop parties! Want to talk to you about:
        – why aren’t Native Ads called “Contextual Ads?”
        – a new kind of dashboard – for Digital Brand campaigns (digitizing Ted Cohen’s chutzpah and Rolodex)
        – the “Digital City project” – I’ve been working on for 5 years… Online jobs for normal people = Digital Economy ecosystem system integrator.

        Back in CLE now – 925-876-0475 – or drop me a line with availability:


        Thanks. Awesome story telling – I really like the first banner ad story.

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