4 thoughts on “Danny on Microsoft”

  1. I’m trying to remember why I bother to read a blog which publishes one-phrase links to other people who actually do real analysis and insightful commentary on search.

  2. Great article. It put to shame the “dynamic duo” that has a big media group behind but greatly lacks the insight and knowledge to write anything like this.

    In my opinion MS is lying when they say they have the technology and they only wanted the audience of Yahoo for the ads marketplace.

    If one lesson was to be learned from goggle is that at some level of scale you can’t have the technology if you don’t have the audience. So for MS reaching a critical mass is something that has lots to do with its core business and it’s an important bid for its own existence in the future.

  3. Could you save me some time and tell me 1 or 2 of the good points he makes? I am really not interested in spending so much time reading yet another promotional fluff piece.

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