15,000 Words You Might Have Missed

One of my readers noted that I've written a lot of off-blog stuff, and I'm rather proud of it. And I've noted (in my "How did I do 2008" post) that I did not really make the progress I wish I had on my book. But working with partners…

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One of my readers noted that I’ve written a lot of off-blog stuff, and I’m rather proud of it. And I’ve noted (in my “How did I do 2008” post) that I did not really make the progress I wish I had on my book. But working with partners like Amex, I wrote nearly 20 column-sized pieces – around 15,000 words – and nearly all of them are sketches toward the book I hope to write. Here are some of the pieces I wrote elsewhere this year:

American Express Open Forum Blog

It’s Time to Put This Myth To Rest

In which I argue that marketing works in social media.

Leadership In Troubled Times

When things go wrong, take responsibility.

As The World Turns..Inside Out

My opening post on the economic troubles this past Fall.

Think Local, Act Conversational – It Just Might Save Your Business

How conversant is your small business?

Product Development IS Marketing, And Vice Versa

The title says it all.

Take 48!

A new policy we put in place at FM, picked up on by the WSJ.

Every Great Business Is An Argument

What’s your argument?

Three Steps to Becoming A Web Conversationalist

Some tips on getting conversant.

More On Search and Your Business

A few “Search 101” tips.

Linking Search, Conversation, And Your Site

How it all fits together.

The Successful Business Owner Is a Great Conversationalist

How good are you?

You’re In the Media Business Now.

This is my core argument for all businesses, regardless of industry.

Future of Search – Sponsored by Reuters

Is Microsoft Cashback the Future of Search?

Where Microsoft got it right, and wrong.

A Search Is Not Just A Search

Toward a new interface in search.

Thought Leadership Series – Looksmart

Shifting Search from Static to Real-time

My Twitter moment.

Algorithms and Community: Voice Wins

At the end of the day, we’re people first.

What We Lose As Search Gets Personal

A case for a common search experience.

3 thoughts on “15,000 Words You Might Have Missed”

  1. Thank you, John, for sharing so many of your savvy assessments of the current state of so much that is – or soon will become important – as well as your visions as to what the future will hold for all of us. Thanks also for posting the picture of your new home office – and thus making my little prediction come true; and, last, but not least, thank you for following me on Twitter.
    Regarding Twitter: you turned me on to it. I think Twitter’s niche should be about quality and not about the sheer quantity of how many followers one can amass. My idea to improve it would be to limit the number of followers one can have to say 14,000 – and the number one can follow to say 140 – to keep the theme with their 140 character messages. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2009!

  2. My Favorites:

    “Algorithms & Community” on importance of the ‘human’ voice

    and also

    “What We Lose As Search Gets Personal”

    Which are much needed observations.

    My only actualy concern is trying to understand how I managed to get in a position where I’m reading blog postings on New Year’s Eve?

  3. John, I think your piece “You’re In the Media Business Now” is such an important observation.

    And it is a two-headed sword for small businesses. On the one hand it opens up opportunities for small businesses to level the playing field if they have the skillsets to publish and generate media. On the other hand, it will block out many small businesses that don’t get on board media creation, for whatever reasons: lack of time, lack of skilled staff, lack of creativity.

    Can’t wait to see your book. Happy new year,


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