2 thoughts on “What Am I On About”

  1. Just watched your interview with Evan Williams — good stuff!

    Nice to hear they’re interested in developing news channels — I too think that’s an very promising avenue (which is why I suggested the question ;)… and of course I have many focused properties to go with that (if Evan is interested ;).

    BTW: one guy in the audience asked about Facebook updates. I have RSS feeds of my friends at http://nonline.info — and I think it was a… ummm… mistake to stop doing the “with friends” bit.

    Then again, I do anticipate such streaming channels to start popping up like mushrooms all over the place as this type of software moves out onto the wider web (much like other software [e.g. blogging] has been refined over the years)… — and so such smaller, more tightly knit communities (most likely topically focused) will not need to be as vast and expansive (and therefore we wouldn’t have to put our beaks right up to a fire hose! 😉

    ps: see also my related questions for Mark Zuckerberg @ http://battellemedia.com/archives/004668.php#comment_134355

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