4 thoughts on “HitWise’s Take on top Google Properties”

  1. There is one startling revelation with these stats. The relative lack of popularity that Google Local has.

    It appears that people may just be happy with putting in the name of the city as part of the keyword Search query. And the 10 results on Page One are usually adequate.

    Since many people are doing transactions online – the map location may not be needed.

    Another big surprise is Blogger. It appears that until recently, there was not much of an incentive it into the Web 2.0 era

  2. These stats prove that everything that Google has tried to launch has not been as popular as they might have expected to be. May its time for Google to rethink or contemplate what it wants to do with so many services. Do they really benefit from them or not.

  3. This is a completely meaningless table as it measures site visits rather than usage. How many searches on Google.com did you make today versus how many posts you made on Blogger?

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