Video Store: Yeah, We Blew It

From the Seattle PI: "We made a big mistake," Mayer, who oversees all of Google's search products, said Tuesday. "You can't come out and launch a product like Google Video and say 'CSI' and 'Survivor' are there if they're not on the home page."…

From the Seattle PI:

“We made a big mistake,” Mayer, who oversees all of Google’s search products, said Tuesday. “You can’t come out and launch a product like Google Video and say ‘CSI’ and ‘Survivor’ are there if they’re not on the home page.”

6 thoughts on “Video Store: Yeah, We Blew It”

  1. Anyone who has used iTunes and then went to Google Video could have told them that they missed the mark; big time. I’m sure Google Video in time will become a success after all they have something people want, they just need to be able to deliver it better.

    It does make you wonder if they even did a focus group or if they skipped that entirely?

  2. I think that Google is being a little too harsh on themselves here. Clearly the video service isn’t the most amazing product they have but releasing it early on gives them some early-mover advantage in the market. If it takes them three and a half years to get Google News out of beta isn’t it a little unreasonable to expect even more of Google Video? iTunes wasn’t exactly built overnight either. I wrote more about my thoughts about this here.

  3. I give her/Google huge credit for admitting that the video store wasn’t up to their normal spectacular standards. Google is a very introspective company and it’s a major reason they are on top….for now.

  4. Something else: yesterday on the official google blog, there’s an advertising for the NBA game who saw Kobe Briant put 81 points.

    I go there, and the page says: “sorry not available for your country”.

    They blew it again…

  5. Part of the problem is that the free videos on the site are crap and not enough to draw casual users who might end up buying something from the video store.

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