But There’s Always Music….

In a PDF report (download from Searchblog), Bear Stearns Analyst Robert Peck speculates that Google will launch a music store soon. Sure they will, and it will take lessons from video. Gary Price groks it here. From Peck's report: Why is Google Tunes attractive to Google? According to Nielsen/Net…

In a PDF report (download from Searchblog), Bear Stearns Analyst Robert Peck speculates that Google will launch a music store soon. Sure they will, and it will take lessons from video. Gary Price groks it here. From Peck’s report:

Why is Google Tunes attractive to Google? According to Nielsen/Net ratings, unique visitors to Apple’s iTunes site

increased 241% YoY to 20.7M, for a 14% reach. Further, Nielsen indicates that iTunes users form a distinct target

audience with brand preferences along autos, alcohol beverages, magazines, and television.

*** We would expect Google to rollout a Beta service within 3-6 months. We note that Google has not confirmed our

expectations, and that our thinking is based on Mosaic theory. However, we do think this fits with Google’s recent

moves and its ultimate goal of organizing the world’s information.

11 thoughts on “But There’s Always Music….”

  1. Do you remember the old Mp3.com? I thought that was a very awesome very advanced music system.. With all those thousands of artists having their music hosted for free, the on-demand CD burning, the 1 million $ per month from the advertising revenue that was redistributed to the artists, the mp3 download sales, webradios and finally the thing where it recognized the CD you put in the drive and gave you instant access to the music in mp3 form for streaming.. The feature which got the music majors to sue Mp3.com and finally Universal Music just took over the domain and it just collapsed and all the thousands of independant artists were kicked out. That was Michael Robertson’s awesome project, and now he is trying to make big changes with the Linspire OS..

    I always thought though that Mp3.com was missing some Web 2.0 social automatic recommendations system, donations and other ways for talented artists to automatically receive the recognition they deserve. Cause too much of Mp3.com was around popularity charts, where the same music would stay on top of the chart.

    Probably that Google is working on the Google Music, and maybe they should think about not calling it Store but maybe Market for the paying parts. As Google itself shouldn’t licence music, it should rather provide the open market, the interface and the advanced search and recommendations features. To have the small artists on the same level as the established media, that is the greateness of Google’s platforms.

  2. I think the pattern is clear here. And we have seen this all before with other companies that have had success using one particular formula. Google’s hammer is algorithm driven functionality. Video, Music, Text are all nails that get driven with that hammer.

    Google was able to get over using a spare, simple UI when their focus was solely text. Unfortunately, the move to richer media requires significantly more effort. They actually have to do proper design and they currently don’t have those skills available.


  3. Remember the Jones’ Theory.
    Unless G can improve it seems like an unnecessary expenditure and headache creator.

  4. I think Google has had so much success with their text UI that they’ve let it convince themselves that level of simplicity is the answer to all search interfaces. That’s another hammer that wants to smash every nail, even when its not appropriate.

    The problem is, Google’s expertise in -all- areas, not just UI, is text-based. In web retrieval, for example, you have web pages, whose content is text, social recommendation data is links from linking web pages, and metacontent/metadata is anchor text from linking web pages.

    On the web, Google is very good at making use of all three sources of data.. content, social content, and metacontent.

    With music on the other hand, you have songs, whose content is melodies and rhythms and timbres, social recommendation data is playlists, and metacontent/metadata is genre tags and titles (e.g. ID3 fields).

    Of these three, Google only has expertise in the latter one. They don’t really know how to do music analysis by content, the same way they can do text analysis by content. They don’t have access to loads of playlist data, unless they’re developing a vertical crawler. So all that is really left is ID3 tags.

    I don’t care who you are, but if that’s all you have, you’re going to fail, no matter how good your UI.

    The only way I see Google competing is if they start a buying spree.. perhaps last.fm for the social/”link” data, and Pandora for the music content data. Who knows. Anything else, I think they’re going to fizzle just like with Google Video.

  5. I remember reading/hearing a quote saying that “Google doesn’t have a music store because Sergey doesn’t listen to much music”.

    Wonder how much tension there is between the people behind the “portalized” version of Google and Sergey/Larry.

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  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if the site does start up and google offers a competing service. What I’ve seen of google is very similar to some of the other enormous companies.

    They have so much money, in order for it to grow, they need to invest it. Having cash in the bank is safe, but the returns are also poor. Using it as capital for a new project would be the best method.

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