4 thoughts on “My Eric Schmidt Interview”

  1. ///Sergey, for example, has been looking at new ways of doing search quality, a new math around that.

    Herein lies an avenue, that hopefully will be aggressively explored ASAP…

    Unfortunately, that Gold-Mine of a comment was not followed up on – — get a phone interview with SERGEY ASAP!

    What revolutionary new ALGOS will this new math formula present, can anyone guess…????

    IS THIS HOW THOSE PREVIOUS, VERY CONTROVERSIAL UPDATES happened – because of some creative math formula developed by SERGEY?

    They will have been NOTHING, compared to this!

    It will probably be Back Linked, Concept or LSI based – because it would be very hard to imagine any new ALGOs being squeezed out of the Title or Body Text keywords.

    The casualness of that reply may indicate no understanding of the logistics of the programming……just a Business perspective…
    ///been looking at new ways of doing search quality, a new math around that…

    Also it is interesting that both SERGEY and LARRY are NOT collaborating on this math together, considering the impact and controversy it will surely bring.

    It had better be bring relevant SERPs or else it may signal Google’s Decline in Search Share !!!!

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