4 thoughts on “Bad Idea”

  1. Even discouting the extraordinary risk, $35b is not ridiculous. Barrons thinks it could be much higher.

  2. I’m not clear on what you think is a bad idea. Buying shares in Google at a $35B market cap? Or Bambi writing a commentary that the company could be over-valued?

    I happen to think a lot of people will buy shares because they can; the auction scheme is really a great way to conduct IPOs. But in the long run Google will be a great service, but only a so-so stock. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the stock declines from the IPO price once investors who bought on excitement realize it isn’t going to make them instant millions.

  3. I clicked the link, and here’s what I assumed John meant was a bad idea on the part of CBS MarketWatch, at least until I read the comments above:

    [CBS MarketWatch]
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  4. This is what I get for being brief! What I meant by “bad idea” (besides the link rot) was when Bambi suggests Google buy an old media company like Disney.

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