Claria Clarified

Perhaps I was being a bit too off the cuff in my last post on Claria. Full disclosure: A good friend went to work for them recently. This person admitted the company's past, but said that in fact it was mending its ways. New management has come in, folks with…

Perhaps I was being a bit too off the cuff in my last post on Claria. Full disclosure: A good friend went to work for them recently. This person admitted the company’s past, but said that in fact it was mending its ways. New management has come in, folks with a good track record at Excite, pre-bust. I’m looking forward to learning more soon. On that note, look for my post on IntelliTXT shortly.

8 thoughts on “Claria Clarified”

  1. I’ll believe it when I see it. I just spent three days cleaning out the six PCs in our home network (the culprits were, N-Case, and good ol’ gator.) Claria’s revenues and profits were built on the backs of unsuspecting users and 13 year old clicks who’ve been training to click “yes” to any acceptance box. Spyware is scumware and Gator/Claria is the worst of the lot.

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