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Do Not Erase!

By - March 18, 2009

do not erase twitter.pngsteve j good master plan.png

I’m a student of history. OK, maybe more like, I am a getting-older journalist following a youngish history, of companies like Apple, a company I covered in the 80s, Microsoft, (late 80s to present), AOL, Yahoo (mid 90s to present), Google (late 90s to present), Facebook (early 2000s to present), and on and on (yes, Twitter is my most recent obsession as a story).

So when I saw this tweet today, well, heck, it brought me back. To this. I first saw the Google Master Plan whiteboard when I went to Google in early 2002 to meet with Eric Schmidt. Love the idea that Twitter now has a whiteboard with its revenue plans, and prominently declared is that wonderful mandate we’ve all written in the corner; DO NOT ERASE!

Yes, that’s a good idea. Don’t erase (see my previous post on why).

PS – Google’s Master plan also had a “Do Not Erase” in the top left hand corner. So did the “Don’t be evil” whiteboard moniker put up across campus in the early days.

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Not News, But Certainly Interesting

By - March 17, 2009

prmote twitter thenjpg.jpg (Oct. 2008)

Twitter promotion now.png (This week)

Much buzz about this, but … Twitter’s been promoting things it finds worthy since at least last Fall…what I find interesting about this is the promotion of Twitter search, which I’ve been on about for a long time as a really, really big deal.


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cloudera.png Much buzz early this week on the launch of Cloudera, for its focus (distributed platform computing), its philosophy (best described as Not Google Or Anyone Else For That Matter, based on Hadoop, a Yahoo-driven open source competitor to Google’s MapReduce), and its team (from Yahoo, Oracle, Google….).

Very worth keeping an eye on.

Cloudera’s launch post. SEL’s coverage. NYT coverage.

Previous coverage of Hadoop and Doug Cutting on Searchblog.

Can Google Find Its Voice?

By - March 11, 2009


This is going to be a very big deal. Or forgettable.

I am not sure which.

I had a conversation with a NYT reporter about this today. (Story here, but I was not quoted). It made me think. First off, this product was not launched by Eric, Sergey, or Larry. So who knows if this is a Big Deal Inside Google, or Pasta Against the Walls?

You all know how much I love the idea of the Conversation Economy. It’s where my nose is taking me these days. So the concept of Google boiling the vast Oceania Vox is very, very compelling.

But then again….I find it hard to trust Google is really serious about this market.

For example, how many real live customer service reps does the company plan to have tasked to this product? That, to me, is a Very Important Question.

It’s the essential human question that drives Google. I bring it up all the time. Community. Media. People. How do you make people scale?! How does Google, a company driven by algorithms and scale, find its Voice?

It can’t be all algorithms. Things that Work Perfectly Because You Get How To Make It Work Even If Your Non Technical Pals Can’t don’t scale. Things that Really Do Work Without Customer Service can (this is Google search, or Amazon, or….etc.).

I just wonder if Google Voice is one of those disruptors. If it’s effortless, if it works without having to call someone to help me make it work, well, it’s a huge, huge hit. But this is telecommunications. I have a hunch it’s harder than that.

I for one very much want it to work. I love the idea of Google Voice.

I just wonder about the execution.

(By the way, compare Google search to Twitter search for “Google Voice.” Innaresting.)

For This Vanity Search, Google is Way More Real Time

By - March 04, 2009

Who doesn’t do a vanity search once in a while? My fixation on real time search has only heightened my otherwise occasional check into the funhouse mirror of search. What I found tonight:


Google March 09

The results are pretty up to date. The second result is my “hottest” post in recent days. Only one ad, however. (Update: Today the hottest post is my 2009 predictions. Innaresting.)


Yahoo March 09

Note the other suggested searches. Also, second result is a far longer fuse on “hot post” – my predictions from a year ago. Lots of ads!


Live March 09

Love all those images! Also doing the suggested searches. Especially love the image at the far right. But alas…no ads. Sigh. Pretty consistent with revenues, I must say. Oh, and the idea of “xRank” is new to me (I am sure I missed it earlier), it’s a ranking of “notable people”. It’s moved from 103 to 56 this morning. Hmmm.

Conclusion: For this blogger, it’s clear Google is paying attention to getting as close as is realistic to real time search.

But mark my words: The real target in real time search, for Google anyway, is Facebook. That is an opening for Twitter.

The World Is Tuning Into Twitter Search

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The tweet is the query. From Ad Age, which penned a good piece on the promise of Twitter search:

In the future, searches won’t only query what’s being said at the moment, but will go out to the Twitter audience in the form of a question, like a faster and less-filtered Yahoo Answers or Wiki Answers. Users would be able to tap the collective knowledge of the 6 million or so members of the Twitterverse.

“You put a question out to the global mind, and it comes back,” Mr. Chaffee explained. “Millions of people are contributing to the knowledge base. The engine is alive. You get feedback in real time from people, not just documents.”

Neat: Yahoo Integrates Facebook Actions Into Search Results

By - March 03, 2009

I missed this last week, from Yahoo’s Search blog:

Starting today, Facebook enhanced results will automatically appear in search results. This means users can add a friend, poke, send a message, and view a person’s friends from the deep links on the search results page. Facebook shared the structured data for this SearchMonkey app by adding semantic markup to their public profile pages.

I’d post an image but my Ecto is busted, working on fixing that.