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Google The Big Target

By - April 06, 2009

IWM4.6.09.png It’s not easy being the oxygen of the Internet economy. Google is starting to take blows from every side. Check out the first five headlines from IWantMedia this morning.

First, the Post (which I don’t trust much as a rule, given its broad use of unnamed sources) follows last week’s speculation around a Twitter acquisition with the headline that Google is talking to Twitter as a “defensive move.”

Second, Barron’s practically yells at Google for even considering talking to Twitter, because Twitter will never have a business model. (Idiots, of course it does).

Third, Google’s YouTube division is widely reported to be losing nearly half a billion dollars.

Fourth, Google looks to have to fight, yet again, the trademarked AdWords lawsuit.

And Fifth, Google is now looking less like a sacred cow, and more like a milk cow, to media moguls with impaired cash flow.

Happy Monday, Google!

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4 thoughts on “Google The Big Target

  1. It might do Google better to wait until a new property has actually developed a working business plan before picking it up.

    That whole YouTube acquisition thing should not be sitting well with investors — especially considering that Google just killed a cash cow for many Web publishers who were carrying AdSense video units (they turned my AdSense revenues around).

    Frankly, Google needs to have its ears clipped a little bit. They’re making some irrational decisions these days.

    Instead of fixing the problems they created with Blogsearch in October, for example, they updated the service to filter out blogroll links for the SEO community (who are obsessed with these kinds of nonsense reports).

    Blogsearch used to be a good real-time indicator of who is blogging. Now you have to wait up to 12 hours to see many sites indexed and many other sites that used to be indexed no longer appear in Blogsearch.

  2. Amin says:

    Is it Twitter part of Google zeitgeist?

  3. Google is King, they control the search engine subsequently all keywords, niche etc, they are regulator.They should have competitor so Google can not act alone and play dominant market by itself

  4. frontierblog says:

    I cannot agree more, actually I wrote a similar post weeks ago


    Frontier Blog – No one ahead, no one behind