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Have You Seen Kanye's Blog?

By - February 29, 2008

It rules. Check out this post, where he celebrates a fan mashing up his music with a killer video execution (also below). Or this post, where he groks some killer mobile future tech.

Don’t tell me the talent isn’t getting the massive changes in the way the world works. Wake up, MLB!

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Are You Kidding Me, MLB?

By -

This is just so stupid I can’t get up the energy to properly berate it. From TechDirt’s coverage:

Brian writes in to let us know that Major League Baseball seems to be following the NFL’s rules on how reporters are allowed to report on games. In the MLB’s case, reporters can only post short video clips, can’t post more than 7 photos per game and all non-text content must be removed after 72 hours. It’s fairly amazing that news organizations agree to put up with these restrictions. The fact that news organizations caved into the NFL is what has allowed MLB to go down a similar path. Again, MLB has every right to set the terms by which it gives out press passes, but news organizations should push back against these policies, potentially buying tickets themselves, rather than getting team-approved press passes.