3 thoughts on “Marissa Gets the Star Treatment”

  1. I think I must have been Google’s most avid user from day 1 — precisely because it was so simple & straightforward.

    Over the years, however, Google has increasingly moved towards making things more complicated. It is good to hear that Ms. Mayer appears to be attempting reign in this worrisome trend.

    More interesting insights into her “approach” can be seen in http://www.vpro.nl/programma/tegenlicht/afleveringen/27988731/

    Will she move on? Maybe bringing Google’s original simplicity is somewhat out of date — not that simplicity ever really becomes “old-fashioned”, but maybe it’s simply no longer a good fit for Google(?)

    “I hope when that does happen, it is for the good of the world. She has the potential to make a difference wherever she is.”

    At any rate, I was fascinated by how she was depicted as the “gatekeeper” — does that mean that in the darling company “run by” 3 men that it is actually Ms. Mayer who is making the crucial decisions?

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