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Social Graph Gets Scobelized

By - August 27, 2007

Scoble’s got some bold predictions in video about the future of search here. TC picks up here. I don’t buy the Techmeme or Mahalo claims, but FaceBook? Could do.

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New Ad Models Abound

By - August 26, 2007

It’s really a thrilling time to be in the media business. YouTube and now FaceBook are hard at figuring out conversational media. I shoulda posted on this Friday, when I did my voicepost on the YouTube ad model. I’ll voicepost on FaceBook’s, based on this Journal article, soon. The article is behind a pay wall, so I’ll summarize and then riff. But not now, as I have 12 family members in a small cottage to feed…

Reader JG Writes

By - August 25, 2007

< ![CDATA[Reader JG writes: … YouTube ads like this fly in the face of everything “relevance” based …(it) is a complete reversal of everything [Google] ever stood for. A non-relevance-based graphical video overlay? How is that not just a banner ad? And wasn’t the whole fire and fury behind Google’s rise, Google’s takeover of the net, founded on a rejection of the “banner”, the DoubleClickian “gaudy and irrelevant”, approach to web advertising?

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Mayer At SES: Google Mobile Bump

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Google’s got a bump in summer mobile traffic, Marissa says at SES (ars). I have to say, this is consistent with my usage – I use Google a lot on my BlackBerry.

I have to say, I don’t see why a Gphone makes sense. Just ride the top of the platform that is already being built in mobile….

What do you guys think? You want a Gphone? You use Google a lot on your phones?

Voicepost: YouTube (and Google's) Approach to Video Ads, Thinking Out Loud

By - August 23, 2007

Thanks, JG, for getting me thinking about this. I appreciate it when readers push me. This is the first voice post where I really Think Out Loud on a topic – it’s like a first draft of a post, a real post where I take the time to write. I wish I had more time like that, but I am very pleased to have this place to sketch – using voice. It felt a bit like conversing with someone who asked me an interesting question.

I have to just call out to HP, and say thanks for making this possible. It’s a really cool way to market, by adding value to the conversation in a very real way.

Previous coverage of YouTube’s new ad unit.

My main point: Innovative in execution: Yes, but like AdWords was – lots of stuff that already existed, but packaged and moved forward. Innovative in the business model? No. And for now, that’s the right thing to do.

Have a listen:

The Web's End

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Easy Comments

One of my simple charms, those who work with me relate, is that I’m totally blind to obvious stuff when it comes to UI. It’s like I’m interface handicapped or something. If there is a way I can break the interface, I break it.

With that in mind, is it really possible that no one in this great web world ever asked the question: “How Do You Create Comments In Adobe Reader?”

Apparently the answer is yes, no one ever has. Not even at Ask. Yeah, I know, lose the quotes and there will be more answers. But still.

Meanwhile, I am still wondering. Where is the flippin’ comment tool?

Update: I love this, hours after I whined about no results:

Reader Comments

Skrenta on Mahalo, SEO, etc.

By - August 22, 2007

Rich has chops in this space. A very good read.

We know this from experience: No one will ever go to Mahalo directly, just as no one ever went to, dmoz, Tripadvisor, Nextag, IMDB or any other vertical or broad-but-shallow site. Google is where everyone starts and Mahalo’s distribution strategy has to be SEO. Its traffic is going to live or die based on SEO skill and Google’s continued favor.

Watch This Space: Microsoft Edges Closer to AdSense

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Over at Ars:

Microsoft announced yesterday via the Windows Live Blog that it plans to extend its Content Ads beta program to all US customers who wish to advertise on MSN properties. Previously, the program was limited to a small selection of advertisers and the MSN sales team, but it will now be available to the public to test out starting on August 29. The ads will be displayed on select Microsoft properties—such as Real Estate, Money, MSN, and Windows Marketplace—and will eventually expand out to other Microsoft-owned properties and “premium partner sites.” If Content Ads manage to take off as well as Google’s AdSense program, then competition between Microsoft and Google could heat up and force both to offer even better options to advertisers and, eventually, publishers.