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The Google IPO Site Is Live…

By - July 30, 2004

larry.ipopreso.jpgGentlemen, start your engines….once you input your zip code and state (for US residents only though no verification so far is made), there is a bunch of fun stuff here.

A management presentation in text and video….featuring Eric, Larry, and Sergey….

The video is grainy but fine. After some legal stuff and a short intro from Eric, the video is set up as a Q&A with Larry and Sergey to start. It’s really quite striking how similar Larry and Sergey’s voices and cadences are. They are clearly playing it very straight, but address the same major questions as the S-1. Then Eric gives an overview of the Google business, insisting Google is first and foremost driven by technology. Then George Reyes, the CFO comes in and goes over the numbers and the auction process.

Hat Tip: Gary.

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