Wine and Song

A good couple of weeks in wine, and a first ever for the garage band my buds and I have formed – we played our first gig in front of actual human beings, at a party last night. We even have a name: After.

To the photos.

First, the wine. I like to post interesting bottles here so I can pin them on Pinterest (the only active board I have is called The Wine of My Life). In no particular order…

This Chassagne-Montrachet reminded me that no one makes a white like the French.


Howell Mountain is the best place to grow grapes in Napa, I remain convinced. This Arkenstone Obsidian was wonderful.

This young Chateauneuf-duPape is a fine, moderately priced drinker. Just perfect for the band room.


Want one of the best Pinots from Sonoma? Hanzell.

Jayson Pahlmeyer knows his way around a blend.

Meanwhile, my wife and I decided to leave our house, and walk straight up Mt. Tam last weekend. Well worth the sore muscles.

Literally on a whim, our band, now named After, set up on our lead singer’s lawn yesterday. It marked a major milestone for us, playing in front of a (supportive) crowd. Turns out, the pressure of playing for people makes you way better. At least, that’s what people told us, and I’m sticking with the story.

The view from the drumset before we started playing.

There are a few places where I am really, really happy. This is one of them.

Meanwhile, my son came back from a month in China yesterday. He was in small villages, big cities, and trekking in the mountains. He found a great iPhone case there, proving that the Chinese do have a sense of humor.

A good couple weeks!

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  1. so happy the family had such a lovely weekend! that picture is the first I’ve ever seen Michelle not wearing high heels! and yes, the French DO make a great white. 

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