Gnar Gnar Epic Apple #FAIL

…that was the subject of an email sent to my by my Apple-loving son when the image above showed up on the family iPad (yes, we have an iPad, my wife insisted. It's really hers, but that's another story). The story goes like this. My son had a question…

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…that was the subject of an email sent to my by my Apple-loving son when the image above showed up on the family iPad (yes, we have an iPad, my wife insisted. It’s really hers, but that’s another story).

The story goes like this. My son had a question about the new Droid X I got, one I couldn’t answer because I didn’t have the device with me (we were at the beach, if I recall correctly). My wife had brought her iPad, however, so my son Googled the question and, not surprisingly, the Droid site was the first link. He clicked it. This is what we saw.

Classic. While it’s clear that this is due to Flash, it’s natural to read more into it, given the Android/iPhone battle. At least, that’s what my son thought, instantly: Apple is blocking any information about Droid from coming into its sanitized world. My son, who has loved Apple from the moment he could compute, now thinks Apple is “kinda like China, right Dad?”

Yeah, I guess so, kinda. Of course, one could argue that this is Google’s problem, they chose Flash, knowing full well it meant those inside Steve’s firewall would not be able to see into the Droid world.

I don’t like where this is all going.

(Don’t ask me what “Gnar Gnar” means. It’s a 14-year old’s phrase – I get it, but I can’t explain it. UD can.)

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  1. This reflects not at all on Apple. They decided not to support flash before Android existed. This is Google’s fault for perversely making the website designed to sell their mobile device not work on mobile devices.

    When a website fails to load because a plugin isn’t installed, that is a bad website and the failure is nobody’s fault but the web designer. That Google of all people would make such a website is baffling.

  2. I looked at the Droid Does flash website. Your’re not missing much. What value did that Flash “intro” provide for you? Its a gimmicky mess of a promo page imo.

    Besides, this kind of stuff happens all the time in other ways. Have you ever tried to set up a campaign on BING Ad Center using a Mac running Safari?

    You can’t do it. They don’t support the OS or the Browser. Now thats what I call FAIL. I was trying to give them my money!

  3. Are we seeing the bad old days wherein different Telcos were not interconnected due to competition? If this what Apple and Droid wants to do, well, its not the consumers who will lose but themselves. Both applications should be interconnected, they will benefit from it more than anyone.

  4. I still don’t understand what Apple has against Adobe. And I also can’t figure this out, how is it that, there is no external cracked Flash, which is suited for Apple products?

  5. this Droid site runs fine on a netbook that has usb ports, has a camera, that can access the full web, that’s half the price of a half-baked iPad

  6. Heh seems any post that mentions Apple and Flash together becomes a small flame war battlefield these days.

    Initially I found this story kind of funny that you can’t enter Android phone site from Apple device πŸ˜€

    But other then that that just shows that iOS web experience will never be complete while world does not completely satisfied with Steve’s pluginless web vision(or delusion).

  7. It’s funny that Apple was one of the first companies to invest into Adobe πŸ™‚ And that 2 companies worked very closely, but since that they have grown apart.

  8. Wait, I’m confused… Does the Droid X come with Flash? No, I don’t think so. Android 1.0 up to 2.1 is kinda like China*, right?

    I don’t like where this is going either. There used to be a time were we all hated Flash because it sucks. Now some people feel the need to defend it, just because they hate Apple even more.

    * I’m not even bothering to say that you should not conflate the nation and people of China with its government. If you say that something is “like China” I would expect that you’re referring to the most ancient and sophisticated of all civilizations. If, on the other hand, you blamed a whole people for their leaders’ human rights abuses you would probably be a racist.

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