3 thoughts on “Google Stops Censoring Results in China”

  1. Seeing it as a game of Chess or Go… if I were Google I’d be concerned that China hadn’t blocked it!
    If the Chinese authorities wait they may lose the ability to block but they must have another plan in play… interesting.

  2. John,

    I just finished reading your book, The Search, two days ago. I know it was released like 5 years ago, but I am based in Nigeria and never heard of it before.

    What I find very amusing was the part on Google entering into China. Google’s motto was “Don’t Be Evil” and you raised a lot of issues o this topic. How interesting that it is all playing out 5 years after.

    Did Google just realise censoring is evil? Or what came over them? Maybe they have made enough money in China and want to now play the good man/company.

    very funny.

    I really enjoyed The Search as it opened my eyes to a lot of things.

    Thanks John

  3. Censoring is not the case, the randome censoring is which googler sufered from chinese market. Before 2004, Google is the abosolutly No. 1 in china market, and it had very user groups; then it was blocked for one week without any reason, then there’s baidu (kind of bitch company, even from some chinese’s point of view)got use of the chance. You know what a week’s block means to a search company?
    But, what google is doing now, means a lot, much more than a single case between a company and a country, or between two countries ( as some ill-informed guys think), it looks to me, like the a new forms orgnization (Google) fight with a to-be-dead govenment orgnization format.That’s not what M$ or Apple sees here. If you are in China, you’ll see this very clear.

    BTW, may chinese pro Google in very clear aciton and attitude, and these voices just are blocked.

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