2 thoughts on “Save eBay With Search?”

  1. John, sure you have seen this movie before. But the world’s knowledge is far more advanced today. I think Ebay could improve a genre of search and that’s the one which matters the most in making money, and that is commerce search. I have my own work to prove it. Well, my work is owned by my employer, Microsoft, but others might have find some other directions for companies like Ebay to pursue. In the broadest sense, a commerce search engine connects buyers with sellers, which is precisely Ebay’s business. Ebay has been doing it the longest with only incremental changes. The basic approach remains the same. A seller creates a page on Ebay which is shown to buyers on appropriate searches. There is definitely more to it as shown by other kinds of matching engines.

  2. Ebay doing search… Why not doing comms as well… Hmmm wait, they’ve already done it with Skype… Frankly speaking, Ebay is going Yahoo’s way. They haven’t been able to expand beyond their core services. Looking for innovation, how about Amazon? Now they’re a company that’s really innovating.

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