2 thoughts on “Early Look, Google Health”

  1. This comment pretty much sums it up:

    “I hope the security is at least as good as GMail and Checkout if not better. People need to be able to trust it to use it.

    Manually entering in health data can be a pain, especially for families, but if they enable reporting and charting at least as good as Analytics and Finance over time (ex: your child’s growth curve), I think many geeky families will bother.”

    Having looked at some Google.org YouTube vids and the somewhat public service motive this company is dabbling with, this actually seems like a useful portal for people who would otherwise just be ill-informed on unreliable word of mouth health recommendations.

    Google does seem to be spreading itself relatively thin a la Virgin, leaping into all sorts of industries, which makes me wary about the little things, as well… you know, security/confidentiality/etc. Just the other day, my girlfriend experienced a slight hiccup with GMail. AdSense isn’t always up and running 100% of the time either, which is fine for a free service, as long as something like this won’t happen with more important materials like health profiles/medical records/etc. And I’d bet this is exactly where most people would need more convincing, too.

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