The $125 Million Website

Is up. That'd be the site of Portfolio, Conde Nast's business magazine launch. Which cost $125 million, all in (for print and web.) Enjoy….


Is up. That’d be the site of Portfolio, Conde Nast’s business magazine launch. Which cost $125 million, all in (for print and web.) Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “The $125 Million Website”

  1. The Website is well designed and visually balanced.

    One imagines that they experimented with HeatMaps and Test Groups to get the most user friendly design and intuitive navigation – while portraying an appropriate company image.

    it would be interesting if you could interview the Webmaster and Designer to discover how it was created and tested

  2. Parts of that smack of Roger Black or the StudioArchetype gang! I wonder… Or, anyone know where Clement Mok hangs out these days!? Thanks for the tipoff Mr. B!

  3. sorry couldn’t find your email address…

    If you are going to make the images in your posts click-able (e.g. the logo in this post) than pretty please have it link to something relevant – in this case, link it to the site.

    If you can’t make that happen, can you at least not make it a link? No one desires, nor expects, to click that image just to load a tiny version of it in a pop-up.

  4. You’re oversimplifying this offering in calling it a $125M website.

    The times had a good look at Conde Nast’s strategy with this magazine, and I think it may just make it. More interesting would be to hear your take on how this Magazine fits into the world alongside some of your old competitor business magazines? Or how this launch might be different in a web 2.0 world. Please give us more.

  5. Line 452 column 352: there is no attribute “hspace”; Line 452 column 425: document type does not allow element “iframe” here; Line 2283 column 159: required attribute “alt” not specified, Line 464 column 179: end tag for “img” omitted, but OMITTAG NO was specified; Line 1916 column 161: value of attribute “align” cannot be “absmiddle”; must be one of “top”, “middle”, “bottom”, “left”, “right” … not that my work is any cleaner, but still… $125 MIL is a hefty price tag — that’s enough for several good programmers, designers and reporters. plus it’s running beta sections and prototype. looks very clean and elegant though. awesome photography, too =)

  6. Brother am I in the wrong business selling search marketing. Who OK’s these ideas like DoubleClick for $3 bil. and a fancy suite of webpages for $125 mil?

  7. The site is clean and straight designed. I like it. The contents are too entertaining, forming a new kind of “ecotainment”. Does this magazin really publish knowledge and information that are worth it?
    It´s nice to have, but not need to.

  8. I don’t live in the U.S. of A. Hence my question is:

    Is this a purely online magazine or a web edition supporting a run-of-the-mill paper product?

    Thank you.

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