6 thoughts on “WikiSeek”

  1. Agree. On a few query topics I took from Wikipedia it took me several clicks to finally get to the result. Just like Clusty, they start with clustering and ask you, the user, to walk slowly toward the answer one cluster refinement at a time. I don’t have enough time for this.

  2. it doesnt suprise me why google still the number 1 search engine its because they are always doing the right thing especially with acquiring new business partners.

  3. While it does offer a different search experience from searching directly on Wikipedia or using its plugin, the biggest benefits definitely seem to be on the side of Wikimedia since it now offers Google ads on the side.

    As a side note, it was funny to see just how bad the paid search listings were targeted. Do a search for “Scott Baio” and enjoy. Of course I was looking to buy Scott brand tissues and Scott La Rock BDP albums.

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