4 thoughts on “Searchmob Roundup”

  1. Not a big fan of the layout on the searchmob story pages.

    The big, clickable link at the top of the page goes back to the same page. The link to the story looks like a link to the root page of the site the story is on. Maybe this is an SEO thing, but it’s a bit confusing.

  2. Well, Google appears vulnerable to competition. Of course, nothing can prevent a user from moving to a new search site if he gets better results with it. Become.com may be better organized and easier to navigate – but it is still restricted to online shopping.

  3. To the second commentator, I do not think the headline meant what you interpreted. One of the current model to beat google is the following: You could find various meta-search engines but they are not google killers because they combine the intelligence of various search engines and in the end instead of getting the combined intelligence as the sum they get it as the average. If you combine Live Search with some XYZ search engine you don’t improve upon Live Search but you get something in between.

    What John is trying to imply by the headline is the following model. Let there be specialized search engines for various verticals. Then one can possible combine these search engines to create a more intelligent meta-search engines.

    Sometimes, I even wish that there be an IE plug-in to direct my queries to various search engines depending upon the context. For an example, for my scientific research type queries I find google quite useful. But if I am researching a consumer item, such as a camera, then I find Live Search more useful. Search-box in IE7 sends my queries to only one engine of my choice but does not yet let me make the choices dynamically depending upon my queries.

    If there is a swarm of verticals, I am sure somebody will write such a plug-in. The plug-in will look at the query and send it to the appropriate search engine of my choice for that particular query.

  4. The problems STILL persists with the SearchMob JavaScript
    – even when logged in, some users are getting – error on page – message at the STATUS BAR when attempting to vote for any topic,

    SearchMob is probably cheating itself out of hundreds of Votes by NOT fixing this ongoing error

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