2 thoughts on “Google Crushes Earnings Again”

  1. Ok, GOOG at 460, it is time for reflection…today I have closed very nice Trade on SNDK: it was down 21% and my PUTs were flying: very perfect education case. I enter small position in the beginning of the year too early and too out of the money (after today drop even there I can break even), but let myself test the water, on recent spike I have established proper position and today thesis was developed by the market, valuation PERCEPTION was changed and stock was beaten HARD so I ended with nice profit. Why SNDK fall? They beat the Street 0.51 vs 0.49 and on revenue 2% above Street est. but they guided lower! And everybody sell them, GOOG keep silence about the outlook and the same guys who punish SNDK with $46 PT are putting on GOOG PT of $595. Look at their fundamentals in the same report: SNDK forward P/E 2006 is 30.1 est. and 2007 is 28.7 GOOG frwd P/E 2006 is 41.8 and 2007 is 30.4. One stock is down 21% and another is up 7.5%…At the moment bad story about SNDK is known, with GOOGLE with WORSE fundamentals perception is that everything is growing fast and upside is unlimited. What is very important with SNDK: there is no pricing power, competition in COMMODITY business (search is UNIQUE and RESTRICTED to Google?), lower sales (I bet due to Consumer hurt by Housing Bubble bursting and cut back of all users of SNDK on Inventory levels due to Not Rosy outlook) will they cut on chips but spend on ADs even more – hardly and we can see it already in Google financials). Before Hard Data just take a look on Rev growth q on q this q3 it was 9.3% not 10% in conference call (are they pushing figures only here?) but in q2 on q1 Rev Growth was … the same 9.3% miracle, or can I smell some cooking oil? Then we can find out that international Rev contributed 44%, where from do you think click fraud originated: China, Malaysia, Russia and other “pure international destinations”. Why do they use Non GAAP figures together with GAAP ones just for confusion, they love Buffet but he never do it. Why is there is always mysterious:
    “Stock-Based Compensation – In the third quarter, the total charge related to stock-based compensation was $100 million as compared to $109 million in the second quarter.
    For the full year, we expect stock-based compensation charges for grants to employees prior to October 1, 2006 to be $377 million. This does not include expenses to be recognized over the remainder of the year related to employee stock awards that are granted after October 1, 2006 or non-employee stock awards that have been or may be granted. We currently anticipate that dilution related to all equity grants to employees will be approximately 1% to 1.5% per year.”
    Why do not expense all related to the q costs of Labour in all categories of compensation? The only reason that you can play with it but at the year end you will have to charge it. But more to come in hard data posting.


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