Congrats Joe: Google Acquires JotSpot

Innaresting! I have asked Joe if he'd do an interview with us, we'll see. And meanwhile, this is the second company to debut at Web 2.0 that has been purchased by Google (the first was Writely). Hey, where's our commission!?…


I have asked Joe if he’d do an interview with us, we’ll see. And meanwhile, this is the second company to debut at Web 2.0 that has been purchased by Google (the first was Writely). Hey, where’s our commission!?

6 thoughts on “Congrats Joe: Google Acquires JotSpot”

  1. Their plan seem to be getting clearer with each acquisition, complete domination of cloud computing for the consumer then the enterprise.

  2. John,

    Keyhole was purchased by Google immediately following its intro at the first Web 2.0 (not sure if it was a “debut” but it got the deal done).

    You were on stage, but the Googers were taking such furious notes that a few of us speculated in the lobby that it would be a cool purchase….

  3. Fine, just fine…excepting not algorithms, rest notes halved quartered whole, or lost written pieces of my life ever do I get much money. The U.S. Copyright Office e-mails me their newsletter because yes, I put my e-mail address down on my applications. I can’t seem to be able to print my own writings online..
    Listed: “Scary creepy short tale written by me, Kathryn Alice Fleming M.A.
    and secondly “Middle Class Blues*****” written as my blog for my profile on
    I don’t ascertain or even acknowledge Google anymore.
    My profile was deleted by Cox Entertainment but I’m still invited to Christmas parties in Alaska. Unique but failing as where are the other songwriters or composers that I may talk to online?
    You have failed as I can’t even print up a copy of my “blogs” true info.
    Peace is at hand but not with you!
    Redundancy will get you some money immediately, but not in the long run. Thanks a lot Google and Cox Entertainment.
    Some items/relics/books/plays/songs/compositions/art work etc. will be fast forwarded into the future(I always want to say…”Back To The Future…with M.J. Fox one of my heroes) and this is fact..destiny.(Beyonce…what a great singer & beautiful performer ie.)
    So, I’m leaving you all(as my Southern friends would say) alone. No more…
    I know that I can write notes as easily as I can write words so what do ya think here? Da? Not too difficult…only sometimes I look at my only mentors left which are angels & God himself who has truly(purely…Websters’s dc.) blessed me.
    God please bless our nation and please vote in the National Election November 7, 2006. Please Vote in your hearts for candidates that will best make your family’s life and your life better!
    God Bless Our Troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Forever because they are so Awesome, real, and we love them very much!!! and miss them!!!!
    Please play “I’m On My Way,” and then my uptempo song meaning well in Iraqi War#2 “Christmas Special Delivery.” Thank you so much…
    K.F. M.A.

  4. John,
    Where did my “scary creepy short tale,” that I wrote here on October 31,2006 go? I remember a comment after I wrote it stating that “that was well written.” I don’t see it anywhere as there is a gap in your archives from 3:18 October 31, 2006 to November 2, 2006. I would like to retrieve what I wrote as I wrote this and want to put it on with my blog “Middle Class Blues******. Please let me know where my story is. Thanks

  5. John,
    You have archives of numerous conversations but you can’t bring to light for me what I wrote on Halloween? Did you sell or trade my “short tale?” I just want to re-read it as it was gone before I could print it. What kind of people are you? To not even let an author re-read her work?
    Kathryn Fleming M.A.

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