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  1. It’s a brilliant play. How do you drive usage of Google base and eventually Gbuy just put it at the top of search. Search volume and placement = value. The first real estate listings companies will integrate into it to take advantage of the placement on some of the most popular keyword terms. The same will happen in other arenas of verticles. Soon enough they will be doing autos, mortgages, etc. They will move it further with Gbuy and integrate direct pay for performance initiatives within specific verticles and ppc in others depending on the necessary business model.

  2. Travel, kids. Wait for it. First finance, then this. Troogle just *can’t* be long now. It’s the biggest category, Suppliers have been all-but begging for it, and then Barry went and bought Ask to throw down the gauntlet.

    The fuse is lit. ExpediOrbiLocity: look out. At a minimum, reach is going to be getting pricier.

    – Stuart

  3. Yes, but how many of their “customers” like eBay will feel that they are no longer a search engine, but simply driving people to their own sites. Then things will get interesting.

  4. Travel, yes. And health, video and music, too.

    How long before Google does a joint venture (or more) with Amazon to expose their content the same way in exchange for access to their massive customer base and recommendation IP?

  5. I predict Google will get deep access to Amazon content on the exact day that they strike a deal with Amazon to map customer access to that data in some contiguous form.

    Or, when the Google guys bite the bullet and develop a distribution deal with Amazon in which they mediate sales.

    In both cases, the battle is business model vs. information access. Of course, the best business model is that of competitive cooperation, but I, me, mine still is the default script of Silicon Valley.

  6. I think Google’s next movement will be either to cooperate with a big real estate company like Yahoo does or offer paid sponsorship..
    I personally do not like to see Google trying to get in all kind of businesses..

    Real Estate Agent

  7. Now according to Philip Lenssen and SEL Google is getting into the real estate listing game, possibly taking a jab at craigslist for some terriority. This has been discussed before in detail and I think people expected Google to do this and many other things eventually. In my title I say “better late than never” in response to the real estate listing services they could potentially offer because it seems befitting to the situation. One because they better make it good. Two, its never to late to do something Google even though they never thought of it first. Three, it never hurts to try even if it stinks, people will try to use it because its from Google.

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