The GOOG Annual

If you're into some light reading, here's a copy of the Google annual report. (Gary tipped me to it, natch.)…

If you’re into some light reading, here’s a copy of the Google annual report. (Gary tipped me to it, natch.)

Author: John Battelle

A founder of NewCo (current CEO), sovrn (Chair), Federated Media, Web 2 Summit, The Industry Standard, Wired. Author, investor, board member (Acxiom, Sovrn, NewCo), bike rider, yoga practitioner.

4 thoughts on “The GOOG Annual”

  1. What’s the $7 million in stock to an (anonymous) individual for the aquisition of technology in October all about??

  2. Google Banning Class Action Suit Launched by Kinderstart.

    It will be interesting to track how legal actions change policies in Google, in this case all sites banned since 2001 are being invited.

    This was predicted by Search Engines Web on some of the Blog posts made on the Blog of one of Google’s Search Enginners

    Actions such as these may become more common to balance and check the policies of TOP Search Engines

  3. Google disclosed in the 10-K that they acquired 15 companies in 2005. They “acquired all of the voting interests of nine companies and substantially all of the assets of six other companies.”

    I can only come up with a few of these companies:

    1. Urchin Software
    2. Dodgeball
    3. Akwan Information Technologies
    4. Reqwireless

    Anyone know the rest?

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