4 thoughts on “KK Groks “Consensus Filters””

  1. This new genre doe NOT have an official name as of yet…

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if this Blog Thread gave birth to the idea that ultimately became the official name (shades of AJAX & Search Engine Optimization):LOL

    First Proposal:
    e-vine (eVine)
    Blews (Blog + News)

  2. I live in the Czech Republic, and just for fun I built a clone of reddit/digg for Czech speakers. However, no one here seemed to be interested in the idea of community filtered news (I didn’t just ask – I actually launched the site).

    Are these kinds of sites popular in languages other than English? Anyone have any examples?

  3. popurls.com

    Go on ONE Webpage and get the Real-time Homepages of the most Popular Submissions from all of those Social News sites mentioned in this Thread – AND MORE including You Tube and Google News

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