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  1. Congratulations John. It looks like the network is growing fast. Nice to see Digg there. However, it may be needed to reconsider FM’s presentation of representing “authors.” I am not sure if Digg fits this; they (or “we” since I am a member) are more “finders” than content creators. Hard to describe either Digg users or management as “authors” in my view. Not quite sure what the best word is to describe both Digg and bloggers . . . maybe “information sources.”

  2. Soren: I think, much as the real magic behind ebay is the feedback and ratings system, Digg is creating content in its rankings. I sort of see it as a dynamic Best Of list. If the Digg community is writing a constantly changing Best Of list, aren’t they authors?

    Now the OED, for which I have lost my magnifying glass – so bear with me – says:

    Author: 1.The person who originates or gives existence to anything a. an inventor, constructor or founder. 2. One who begets.

    Further definitions are available but I think these sorta agree with the idea above – Digg is creating rankings. Digg gives existence to them….

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