8 thoughts on “Amazon S3”

  1. This strikes me as surprisingly cheap. My hosting company charges $3 per Gib overage. If this is right I should just slap a bunch of stuff on this Amazon service and be charged, what, $0.45 for storage and bandwidth combined? Sounds fair enough, or have I missed something?

  2. “Amazon” hardly springs to mind when thinking Search but this is changing fast. A9 has 100+ programmers with NO marketeers and a dedication to Open Source. Amazon Search is moving in similar directions with different approach and open access to great archives and routines.

    It’s too early to say, but it’s not out of the question that Amazon (or Yahoo, or MSN) could soon be outgoogling….Google.

  3. My Host charges $7.95/Month for 5 Gigs storage and 400Gig data transfer and hell lot of other features. I like Google’s idea of giving it for free and then parsing my content for ads and other analysis.

  4. Maybe I’m missing something, but what seems to get ignored in all the commentary is that the Amazon service – at least currently – is for developers, not the “average person.” In other words, I can’t simply gather up all my mp3s, videos, or whathaveyou I currently have on my hard drive and put them up on some Amazon A-drive (so to speak) where I can get access to them anywhere, anytime through a virtual drive. If I’m wrong here, somebody explain to me how, please, as I signed up for the service, and all I got was goobleygook about APIs and other developer stuff.

    Personally, I think Google and Amazon are off doing different things. I expect the Gdrive to be what I describe above. The Adrive is something else. It may be cool for developers, but offers nothing for the Average Bear, at least not yet.

  5. What Amazon is doing, is much more groundbreaking than the G drive. Amazon is creating Content Addressed Storage on the internet. I call this storage as a service. This will be the norm in 5 years, when companies have PetaBytes of data which multiple applications need programatic access to. Amazon is ahead of the curve here.

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