5 thoughts on “I Was Wondering When This Would Happen”

  1. John, can you share with us why you thought this acquisition would happen? I’ve been beta testing measuremap and I fail to see what’s so impressive about it other than in/outbound link tracking feature. Am I missing something that’s obvious to everyone?

  2. Why cant Google Analytics be improved so that code suitatble for Blogs can be inserted – what will this product add that analytics is NOT capable of doing or being developed to do…..

    Will both Technologies be combined to present a more versatile alternative….

    Ironically, if your Blog accepts JavaScript – the Google Analytics works very very well, giving tons of good information.

    There is one company that does offer Blog Trackers-
    – with just a slight modification in the JavaScript code that their Regular Web Tracker offers, it works on most Blogs 🙂

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