4 thoughts on “Hey, Wall St., Give Us A Break…”

  1. Google has been rumbled. Its the modern tale of the kings new clothes -except as we know there were none! Google is a one revenue pony – AdSense delivers over 80% of their revenue and its slowing – that is struggling to find a second and third revenue stream to back up its IPO dot.com billion dollar(s) valuation.

    Google has got to keep running hard just to stand still and sadly they are not doing a good job by spreading themselves too wide and too thin.

    Where is their gmail Calendar. Who do I call if something goes wrong on Google Pack – Google support? Many of the products are me-too announcements of MSN/Microsoft solutions that journalists and anti-microsoft bloggers have somehow conveniently forgotten about. As Google’s headlights dim and people are no longer blinded by the Google gloss they will ask the questions that Wall Street is asking. Show me the money and the answer is sorry we gave it to AOL for a 5% share in their company which we already recieved and the rest well that is buying offline print ads???

    Eventuallu like Tony Blair (UK prime minister) and his “Spin PR” – you can fool some of the people all of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time – the truth eventually comes out.

    Maybe we call this term too foogle people. To try and fool people into thinking you are something you are not!

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