3 thoughts on “Jakob: Search Engines Are Leeches. Danny: Not Exactly”

  1. Hmmm – so that sucking sound we hear isn’t jobs leaving the USA, it’s the hard earned revenues created mostly by publishers, fattening up big dot com leeches? OK, I’m cool with it. Where’s my 80% revenue share?

  2. There is some work that companies (content providers) need to do to keep customers coming back to their websites among them:

    1) Have a website name (or own a link) that is easy to remember so that customers don’t have to use a search engine to get to you or your product. So if you sell video cores, don’t call your company tunikatu.com but rather video-cores.com. You can, of course call your company whatever you want but then you need to market your unique name and build a brand.

    2) Have as many ways as possible to reach YOUR site. So if your product is called “magicbleeze” and your company is tunikatu.com buy magicbleeze.com, magicbleese.com and perhaps also their .net, .biz and (if you can) .org domains and variations of their names and make those domains point to tunikatu.com.

    More some other time…


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