8 thoughts on “Heilemann on MSFT”

  1. interesting and good report from John Heilemann, but the Illustration is not so try, like the two sides about the microsoft baron *g*

    thanks for the link and a goog week


  2. A change in strategy is not the same as losing one’s direction. The web-enabled thick client rich software application will grow and grow. EVERYTHING’s a browser. The browser as we now know it will only be one method among many for accessing content via internet.

  3. What a disappointment to read Heilemann’s take on Bill Gates and Microsoft.

    Rather than laud Gates for shifting his generally brilliant focus from software to world health, Heileman focuses very narrowly on what he sees as the demise of Microsoft. It’s a dubious premise at best (watch their unique Neural Network search triumph in about 1- 2 years as a fantastic tool), but even if Microsoft is doomed as he suggests, that fate is certainly not related to Gates philanthropy, and Gates philanthropy is certainly a story that may eventually dwarf his very substantial (arguably the greatest in history) contribution to the computer industry.

    It’s a sad and superficial media that fiddles while the developed world burns, and focuses on celebrity while people like Gates heroically tackle real problems.

    Shame on Heileman for missing the story – Bravo to Bill Gates for changing it.

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